Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre has reopened!

Everyone is once again welcome to drop in on classes at the Centre. Classes continue to be streamed for those who may be in mandatory isolation or who prefer not to start coming into the Centre yet.   

Our socially distanced seating is limited, so pre-registration is encouraged. Drop-ins are welcome if there are enough seats available.


To provide a safe and hygienic environment at the Centre, strict protocol, in line with Alberta regulations, must be observed:

  1. Wearing a mask is required as of August 1 in all indoor public spaces except for people with an underlying medical condition which inhibits their ability to wear a face covering.
  2. Do not come to the Centre if you are experiencing symptoms of cough, sore throat, fever, runny nose or congestion or difficulty breathing that is not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition, such as allergies.
  3. Do not come to the Centre if you have had close contact with anyone with the above symptoms, or who was diagnosed with COVID 19 in the last 14 days. Close contact means that you live with the contact person who is sick or in isolation, or you have been within 2 metres of such a person for 15 minutes or more in the last 14 days, even if that person didn’t have symptoms at the time. The only exceptions are for those who are in front line service and always wear complete and appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, visor.)
  4. People who have travelled internationally in the last 14 days are required to self-isolate by the Canadian government and so are also not eligible to come to the Centre.
  5. Please leave all your personal belongings in your car, including your jacket if possible. This includes personal water bottles and cell phones. Bring only your book, notebook, and pen into the Centre.
  6. To maintain social distance, only 2 people at a time are allowed in the entrance lobby. Please patiently await your turn. Wearing a mask when entering and leaving the centre is encouraged.
  7. Sign-in is required and may be used in the case of an outbreak to investigate COVID contagion pathways.
  8. Immediately wash your hands in the washroom for 20 seconds with hot water and soap and dry with paper towel. Hand sanitizer is available if the washroom is occupied. Disinfect your book, pen and notebook. You could also disinfect your book, notebook and pen at home, which is preferable, and bring them in a fresh plastic freezer bag (good size to hold these things).
  9. Take one of the seats which are arranged for social distancing. Do not move the chair. Our space is arranged to accommodate 11 persons, correctly distanced, plus the assistant and teacher.
  10. Do not enter the kitchen, serving area or teacher room, except to go directly to the washroom.
  11. Please ask the assistant for a glass of water if needed. Filtered drinking water is provided, but only the designated class assistant may fill the glasses and return them to the kitchen after use.
  12. Maintain social distancing when leaving the Centre, taking turns in the reception area—only two people at a time.
  13. Wearing of masks is recommended but optional as long as the 2 m social distance is maintained.
  14. All surfaces at the Centre are disinfected before and after sessions.