We’ve moved–but not very far!

The Centre has moved down in the world?

We sure have, but in a good way! We’ve moved downstairs to a ground floor location in the same building!

People had been coming to the Centre and saying “I’ve been driving past this place for years but I had no idea you were here!” Our new space is easier to find: we’re in the same great West Hillhurst area and easily visible from the street. The new space is also easier to get to: no more stairs to climb.

We’ve increased our space and adding our own universal washroom, a kitchenette and prep room, as well as an inviting reception and shop area. We’ve also added “business hours” every weekday when you’re welcome to visit and browse our Dharma Shop or just say hello.

Everbody welcome! Come see our new space, attend our classes, or drop in on one of our new FREE 15-minute guided meditations every weekday at 12:15 pm (please check our calendar for occasional changes to that schedule).