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September, 2018

Dear friends of the Centre,

We’re moving to a new and improved space on the ground floor. You can help cover the many costs incurred in this wonderful improvement of our material conditions! You can also donate in person next time you’re at the Centre.

There are lots of ways to give: you can use the options below, you can pop a cheque in the mail, and you can give in person at the Centre. Tax receipts are available for donations of $20 or more. If you’d like a tax receipt, please write to our Administrative Director or call us at (403) 454-7595.

FoundationRock-300x286Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre was founded by the NKT-IKBU to establish an enduring opportunity for all people to find both temporary and ultimate happiness through spiritual development according to the Kadampa Buddhist Tradition- Buddhism for Modern times.

Your generosity helps sustain this Centre and will help develop new centres throughout Southern Alberta for generations to come. Without additional donations, our moderate course and facility fees cannot provide what is necessary to keep our activities growing in the area.

Help create the cause for both material and spiritual wealth for yourself and others in the future!

Your one time donation or monthly pledge is tax-deductible. You can donate using Paypal here on the web. Other ways to donate are through direct deposit, donations-in-kind of needed items, by mail and in person at the Centre with cash, cheque, and debit or credit cards.

A tax receipt is available for donations of $20 or more. If you would like a tax receipt, please contact Akshobya’s Administrative Director at <> or call 403-454-7595.

THANK YOU for offering pure happiness to the people of Southern Alberta!

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If you would like to pledge a different amount or use a method other than PayPal, please email our Administrative Director at or call us at (403) 454-7595.

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