Become a Supporting Member

Become a supporting memberWhen you become a Supporting Member, you’ll receive:

  • Free attendance at weeknight GP classes
  • Generous discounts on many courses and special events

Supporting Memberships are available for the following costs:

  • General Program (Drop-in) for $60/month (for a minimum of 3 consecutive months)
  • Foundation Program & Teacher Training Program (Registered Students) for $80/month (for a minimum of 12 consecutive months)

To join, use the please ask any class assistant or email Akshobya’s Administrative Director at

Please understand that according to Alberta and Federal Law, the Centre Supporters contribution does not qualify for a tax deduction because you receive services for this fee. If you wish, you can make an additional monthly donation in addition to the Supporting Member fee which is tax deductible.

Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a registered charity, organized and run entirely run by volunteer workers and managers. Your generosity can make a difference in bringing Dharma to the people of Southern Alberta.