Urban Retreat

One-day guided meditation retreats in the heart of Calgary

Urban RetreatOur Urban Retreats are an opportunities to take a break from a hectic life and experience the deep inner peace and meaning of Buddhist meditation. During an Urban Retreat, the Centre is open all day for you to relax in silence between four guided meditation sessions.

Saturday November 3: Long Life Meditations

Modern Buddhist practitioners have the opportunity to accomplish enlightenment in just this one life.  As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso wrote in Mirror of Dharma,“This is magical.”  But if our life is cut short by untimely death, we may lose that good luck and its many benefits. Saturday’s meditations will focus on the practices of protecting and increasing our life force through blessing and purifying our inner winds and our karma through the recitation and meditation on the mantra of Buddha Amitayus.

Short teachings from our Resident Teacher,Gen Kelsang Dema before each meditation will explain the process of death and rebirth, and in the light of this wisdom, how to make our life truly meaningful now. Through this retreat we can protect our human life and receive powerful blessings to strengthen our life force and wisdom.

$10/session, $25 all four sessions
Supporting Members by donation
Everybody welcome!

Sessions at:

From 10am-6pm, the Centre is available as a silent oasis of peace for the retreaters who wish to stay between sessions. Nourishing refreshments available.


November 3: Long Life Meditations
December 1: Meditations to End Stress and Anxiety

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your event registration before that event begins, we will be happy to apply your registration fee towards any future event at our Centre within a one year period.