The Empowerment of Wisdom Buddha Manjushri

Sunday October 27

Everybody needs wisdom! Because ignorance is the root cause of all of our problems and suffering, wisdom is what we need to become happy all the time.

Through receiving the special blessings of the Wisdom Buddha, Manjushri, we are empowered to deepen our understanding and realizations of Buddha’s teachings in many ways. This simple blessing ceremony is open to everyone and requires no experience. All we need is a little confidence in Buddha, a good heart, and the intention to use wisdom to improve ourselves and to be of benefit to others.

Our Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Dema, will grant the empowerment and give a clear explanation of how to keep these blessings in our heart, gradually increasing our wisdom until we become just like the Wisdom Buddha. The commentary following the ceremony includes instructions on the tantric practice of self-generation and the meditation on nondual clarity and profundity.

Would you like to help out? We’d be very grateful for some volunteers to assist with setup, during the event, and clean-up after. Contact our Admin Director at if you can lend a hand.

$65 / $50 for Supporting Members
Everybody welcome! No experience is necessary.

Empowerment Ceremony: 11am-12:30pm
Commentary to the practice of Buddha Manjushri: 2:30-4:30pm


What is Empowerment?

Empowerment is a special ritual and deep meditation practice and through which we receive strong blessings from Buddha. During the ceremony, we receive blessing empowerment through our Spiritual Teacher in dependence upon our faith and karma. The Buddhas bestow blessings on all living beings continuously through their pure minds and their spontaneous compassionate intention but an empowerment brings very special blessings. Through blessing empowerment, we begin a close relationship wi65.00th a particular Buddha and our potential to become just like him or her begins to ripen.

What are the benefits of Empowerment?

By receiving empowerment our wisdom and compassion is quickened. We may also receive permission to engage in special tantric meditation practices. We can then engage in prayers, requests and tantric practices with the help of a sadhana, –a prayer booklet that contains prayers and meditation instructions. At every NKT centre an empowerment is always followed by a commentary (or series of commentaries) – teachings that explain clearly the meaning and method of practice.

What happens in an Empowerment?

Most of the action in an empowerment is done by the Spiritual Teacher who is granting the empowerment. At the beginning there may be a traditional ritual with chanted prayers performed by the teacher to purify the environment and remove obstructions. Then he or she will explain the special good qualities of the Buddha who is blessing us and engage in the prayers and ritual for bestowing the empowerment, explaining every step so that everyone can understand the meaning. The entire empowerment ceremony is usually about 90 minutes but varies according to commentary and ritual.

What do I need to do to receive an Empowerment?

Anyone can receive empowerment if they have a good intention, and a strong wish to receive the special blessings of Buddha. The best intention is to seek to receive these special blessings so that we ourselves can perfect our minds and become Buddhas so that we can benefit all living beings. This sincere wish to receive blessing is aspiring faith.Empowerment can help to increase our faith as well. Empowerment blessings are and received in the ceremonyand it is through our choice and through maintaining faith in Buddha that our spiritual nature will grow and ripen into full enlightenment, just as a Buddha.

You may feel very happy, and you may have a deep inner experience –a knowing that is all your own. Or you may feel and experience nothing in particular. Nothing happens in an empowerment that will cause you to feel uncomfortable or strange.

Should I bring anything?

Please come with a good intention and an open mind. It is traditional to make an offering of pure objects such as flowers, incense, candles or pure delightful foods like honey or cakes. Whatever you wish can be offered with love and faith.

There is a monetary fee for empowerment ceremonies, which we should consider to be an offering to the Dharma Centre. No one with strong faith and a special wish would ever be turned away because of lack of funds.