Samsara & Nirvana

Saturday April 7, 10am–5pm

Samsara & NirvanaWhat is samsara and what is nirvana? What is impermanence?
What is emptiness? What does it mean that things are merely illusory?

Buddha revealed deep, meaningful truths about the way things actually exist.

Although these teachings are profoundly philosophical, Buddha intends for us to understand them as practical advice. By gradually expanding our consciousness to understand these truths clearly, anyone can abandon samsara and attain the permanent freedom from all problems and suffering–Nirvana.

Resident Teacher Gen Dema has been a student and close disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for more than twenty years. She is delighted to be able to spend a full day explaining clearly and practically how we can understand and meditate on profound impermanence, the illusory nature of things and their lack of true existence, understandings which alone lead us to the pure and everlasting happiness that we long for.

The Four Seals of Buddhism

All produced phenomena are impermanent.
Everything is the nature of mind.
All things are self-less.
Only nirvana is peace.

Saturday, April 7 in three sessions:


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