January is Retreat Month

Our annual retreat month offers weekend retreat for practitioners at every level of experience.

Retreat is our opportunity to withdraw from our ordinary daily activities and mental habits to nurture our spiritual life. All retreats include guided meditations as well as preliminary prayers and practices to increase our merit, purify our negativity and draw close to the Enlightened Ones. By participating, we ripen our own Buddha nature, developing wisdom and compassion and experiencing deep inner peace.

December 31-January 1

A Blessed and Peaceful New Year Celebration

January 5-7

Mahamudra Retreat for Everyone

January 19-21

Vajrayogini Retreat
for those with Heruka and Vajrayogini Empowerments

This retreat will follow the self-generation practices of Buddha Vajrayogini using the sadhanas of Quick Path to Great Bliss and The Blissful Path. We can remember the words of Losang Dundrub Gyalwa Ensapa:

My only good qualities are that first I made single pointed requests to my Spiritual Guide, then I practiced my sadhanas as soon as I received them, and finally I attained enlightenment in three years and three months.

We need to become deeply familiar with our self generation practice as a basis for our subsequent practices of the completion stages, including the Mahamudra. Engaging in retreat as often as possible is indispensable. Therefore we offer this opportunity at our Centre at least once a year.

The retreat program follows the traditional program of four sessions a day:

Friday, January 19
7-9:30 pm:
Introduction & Meditation Session 1

Saturday, January 20
Meditation Session 2
11am -12pm: Meditation Session 3
2:30-3:30pm: Meditation Session 4
5-6pm: Meditation Session 5

Sunday, January 21
Meditation Session 6
11am-12pm: Meditation Session 7
2:30-3:30pm: Meditation Session 8
5-6pm: Meditation Session 9

$50 for the entire weekend retreat
Pre-register online using PayPal or credit card

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January 27

Urban Retreat: Pure Mind, Pure World

This retreat will follow the practice of purification by relying upon Buddha Vajrasattva, according to the Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra. It mainly focuses on meditation on mantra recitation and generating ourself as a pure being in a pure world.

Saturday, January 27
10-11am: Session 1
1-2pm: Session 2
3-4pm: Session 3
5-6pm: Session 4

$10/session; $25/all sessions
Free to Supporting Members