Modern Buddhism

Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm
Series of 12 classes from January 9 – March 27
Drop in on a class to see if it’s for you

An in-depth study course for everyone, teaching the practices of Kadampa Buddhism. The course will present teachings from Modern Buddhism and other books (Modern Buddhism is available as a free Ebook from Tharpa Publications, and printed copies are available in our shop).

Modern Buddhism is a course for those who prefer to follow a sequential and practical study of Buddhist views and practices. Through this course it is easy to develop a personal practice following the stages of the path to enlightenment.

Part One of Modern Buddhism ran for the first time from September – December 2018, and all the regular students registered are pleased to go on with Part Two. We encourage others to join them; there will be no problem integrating into this new section of the course, even if you missed the first part. Everyone is welcome to attend this course as a drop-in student to check it out and then can register for the series of 12 classes. Any missed classes will be provided as MP3 recordings. The last few weeks of the course are open to everyone on a drop-in basis.

Part two of this course is not to be confused with Part Two of the book, Modern Buddhism, but it does follow the progression of teaching in that book, picking up in Part 1 with the section called “The Great Scope,” which focuses on the development of love and compassion for everyone. Part two of the Modern Buddhism course will conclude in March with several weeks focused on ultimate truth, the emptiness of all phenomena, the way things actually exist.

Students will

  • Pre-register or drop-in to check out the class and then register for the full course of 12 classes (January 9-March 27)
  • Read the weekly assigned texts, mostly from Modern Buddhism, before class.
  • Attend all the Wednesday evening classes (see below).

Fees and Benefits

  • Course of 12 classes: $180 or $60/month (includes Regular GP supporting membership privileges)
  • You’re welcome to drop-in on a class at $12/class (or use class card/membership) before you decide to register. Drop-in fees can be credited to the registration fee.
  • You can register for the course at any time and will receive recordings of the previous classes.
  • You can receive a recording of a missed class—just let us know of the absence in advance (in the case of illness, family- or work-related emergencies, and so on). When you register, you can also let us know about classes you won’t be able to attend because of upcoming travel or other commitments.
  • FP Supporting Members may attend any class without registering.
  • This course is not generally available as a correspondence course, but some exceptions may be possible.

Registration for the $180 option is available on Eventbrite. If you’d prefer the three payments of $60, write to our Administrative Director at, who will be happy to help you.