Thursdays at AKBC

budshakMeditating on the Buddhist Path

Selected Thursdays, 7–8:30pm
January-June 2017

This General Program meditation course offers an opportunity to learn and meditate on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim) with the special preparatory practices of Kadam Dharma – Heart Jewel Prayers.

The sessions will begin with an introductory talk of 20-25 minutes, explaining a particular Buddhist view and intention that will improve our wisdom and cause us to make progress on the spiritual path to liberation and enlightenment.

Then we will engage in the preparatory practices that purify our minds and increase our merit and wisdom, requesting blessings and guidance of our Spiritual Guide, inseparable from Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
In this way we will engage in the full path to enlightenment in one session!

gkgWithin the Heart Jewel Prayers we will pause and engage in guided meditation on the Lamrim instruction we have just received. In general these meditations will follow The New Meditation Handbook or How to Understand the Mind, chapter on Meditation.

As a conclusion, we will complete the recitation of the Heart Jewel Prayers, requesting and receiving the special assistance of our Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden.

Everyone Welcome!
$10/class (Free for Supporting Members)
No one is turned away for lack of funds.

(On some Thursday evenings, this course will be replaced by a special puja—chanted prayers, mantra recitation or other practices—which in general last only 1 hour.  There is no class fee. Donations are welcome and appropriate.)



January 12: Our Precious Human Life 1: Rejoicing in Our Precious Human Life
January 26: Our Precious Human Life 2: Determination to Make our Life Meaningful


February 9: What Does Death Mean?
February 16: Meditating on My Own Death
February 23: Purification Practice : Meditation and Mantra Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva (FREE)


March 2: Meditating on My Future Lives
March 9: Meditating on My Need for Protection
March 16: Meditating on Going for Refuge
March 23: Medicine Buddha Prayers: Healing for Ourselves and Others (7-8pm, FREE)
March 30: Meditation on My Actions and their Effects (Karma)


April 6: Determination to Recognize, Reduce, and Abandon Self-grasping Ignorance, the Root of Samsara
April 13: Purification Practice: Prostrations and Recitation of the 35 Confession Buddhas (7-8pm, FREE)
April 20: Meditation on Renunciation
April 27: Determination to Practice the Three Higher Trainings


May 4: Powa Practice – Prayers for those who have recently died (7-8pm, FREE)
May 11: Meditation on the Ultimate Truth of Cessation
May 18: (No class – Guru Yoga Retreat begins)
May 25: Offering to the Spiritual Guide – chanted prayers with Offering Feast (7-9pm, FREE)


June 08: Meditation on Cherishing All Living Beings
June 15: Meditation on Universal Compassion
June 22: Meditation on Bodhichitta
June 29: Protector Day Prayers: Melodious Drum, Victorious in All Directions with Offering Feast (6:30-10pm, FREE)