Take Time for Peace

Sundays, 11am–12pm

“Without inner peace, there can be no outer peace.”

Take Time for PeaceSunday morning is a traditional time for many people in our society to take time off from ordinary concerns and turn to prayer and meditation to refresh themselves for their daily life. At Akshobya KBC, we offer a course based on profound quotations from texts of great Buddhist masters such as Shakyamuni, Atisha, Je Tsongkhapa, Nagarjuna, Chandrakirti and Shantideva. Their profound advice is relevant to everyone of the modern age, bringing peace and clarity to our busy and confused world.

Join us to listen, contemplate and meditate on an inner path to world peace.

“We should know that learning to cherish others is the best method for establishing world peace in general, and for our own peace of mind in particular.
      If everyone sincerely prays to be able to cherish others, then gradually through the power of this prayer, everyone will actually cherish each other. The world will then be permanently at peace and pure and everlasting happiness will pervade the entire world.”

– from Prayers for World Peace

Please join us on Sunday morning to bless all worlds and their beings and create the causes for true and lasting peace.

Followed by Prayers and Meditation for World Peace at 12:15-12:45.

Everybody welcome!
$12/class (Free for Supporting Members)
(Reduced cost for limited income)

No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Please check our calendar: sometimes Sunday teachings and prayers are preempted by other weekend events.