Patience Means Peace of Mind

Drop-in meditation classes for everyone

The greatest virtue we can accomplish is the practice of patience within our minds. When we learn to accept everything without thinking that things should be other than they are, we relax and enjoy the spacious clarity of our own mind.

With our own intelligence and wisdom we create happiness for ourselves and others, and it becomes easy to develop all the other virtues on the path to enlightenment.

Our Monday night drop-in classes show us how we can use meditation to improve the quality of our mind and find happiness and meaning. Everybody is welcome–both beginners and serious Buddhist practitioners–and will benefit from attending just one or all of these classes.

May 4: Acceptance without Fear
May 11: Transforming Negativity with Patience
May 18: The Patience of Non-Retaliation
May 25: (No class: Spring Festival and Offering to Spiritual Guide)
June 1:
The Profundity of Patience

$12 LIVE STREAM drop in on a class
$40 pre-registered for all four
FREE for Supporting Members
Everybody welcome!

NOTE: Our classes are now offered streamed online only. Please pre-register at least 30 minutes before a class so we can send you the link.

Registration for streamed classes from Akshobya Centre is open to everyone living in southern Alberta (Red Deer and south). Not in Southern Alberta? Check out to find live streaming classes from a Kadampa centre near you.