Highest Yoga Tantra Classes and Practices

Quick Path to Great Bliss

Open to those who have received the Heruka & Vajrayogini Empowerments

Vajrayogini is a female enlightened Deity of Highest Yoga Tantra who is the manifestation of the wisdom of all Buddhas. By relying upon this practice sincerely, with a good heart and a mind of faith, it is definitely possible to attain full enlightenment. To practice the sadhana successfully we first receive the empowerment of Vajrayogini, and then study authentic instructions on the practice.

The instructions on the Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Venerable Vajrayogini were taught by Buddha Vajradhara in the forty-seventh and forty-eighth chapters of the Condensed Root Tantra of Heruka. This particular lineage of instructions, the Narokhacho lineage, was passed directly from Vajrayogini to Naropa, and from him through an unbroken lineage of realized practitioners to the present-day Teachers.

This particular sadhana, Quick Path to Great Bliss, was composed by the great Lama Phabongkha Rinpoche. Compared to other sadhanas it is not very long, but contains all the essential practices of Secret Mantra.

There is great benefit to a practitioner and to the Centre to engage in these practices together, so we hope you will consider attending and strengthening your practice.