Highest Yoga Tantra Classes and Practices

Teachings on Highest Yoga Tantra

Sunday evenings, 7-8:30pm
March 12, April 30, May 14, June 18
$12 / $8 for Supporting Members

Everyone who has received the Heruka & Vajrayogini empowerments will benefit from these classes.
Gen Dema will teach classes that are relevant to both Heruka and Vajrayogini practices, aiming to begin and make progress in the stages of the tantric path with a stable on-going practice.

In order to accomplish a relevant and interactive series of classes, students are invited to submit questions and suggest topics now or at any time to Gen Dema at dema.kelsang@gmail.com.

(To allow flexibility and relevance in these classes, the following topics may change according to student’s requests.)

March 12: How to initiate and develop or change and improve my personal HYT daily practice – what will work for me? Includes integrating completion stages practices into our daily sadhana.

April 30: Yoga of Experiencing Nectar – This class will include the method and meaning of blessing the inner offering, a bit on the Yoga of Rising, and the daily practice of experiencing all enjoyments as pure nectar.

Suggested readings
New Guide to Dakini Land, pp 34-40 and 57-66.
Essence of Vajrayana, pp 119-129

May 14: Practicing Self Generation with the Sadhana Practice and in Daily Life

Information about the June 18 class will come soon.