Classes/Study Programs

The Centre offers a variety of classes at a variety of times, from introductory drop-in classes to in-depth studies of entire books.

All of our classes and courses include a guided meditation to calm and relax the mind, Buddhist teachings relevant to modern times, and guided contemplations to deepen your personal experience. No special clothing or seating is required. The Centre provides chairs and meditation cushions for people to choose what is most comfortable for them.

Pre-registration is available for some series of classes, but you’re always welcome to drop-in on most classes (including most of the classes in our Foundation Program) even if it’s part of a series.

Study Programs at Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre

General Program classes are a good place to start. Most of our weekly drop in classes and many of our day and half-day courses are part of the General Program.

Foundation Program offers a more in-depth approach to study the our General Program courses. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso developed the Foundation Program for students with some experience who wish to deepen their commitment to improving their understanding and practice of Kadampa Buddhism.

Teacher Training Program offers the deepest level of study, practice and commitment. Even those who are not thinking of teaching Kadam Dharma in this lifetime may join the program.