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2021 January Calendar

Guide to the Calendar

GREENGeneral Program drop-in classes for everyone
BLUE – chanted prayers open to everyone
HJ and WFJHeart Jewel & Wishfulfilling Jewel are Kadampa Heart Practices with chanted prayers and meditations – 1 hour
Offering to the Spiritual Guide (OSG)– 1 hour 45 minutes
With food offering – indicates that a special food offering is presented. You can contribute monetarily or bring a pure food offering (no meat or alcohol). In response to COVID, we ask that you bring only individually wrapped items or whole fruits or vegetables.
Kangso or Melodious Drum Protector Prayers– Extensive prayers and requests to the Dharma Protectors – 3.5 hours
Tara Prayers (Liberation from Sorrow) – During COVID, we are reciting these special prayers regularly for world health.
*Precepts – purification practice. Please contact our Teacher before attending care of
Purple Foundation Program classes for enrolled students
Red – classes or chanted prayers for those with Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment